Sony VAIO Launching 2008

Sony VAIO Launching 2008
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Multitrons Sdn. Bhd. unveiled new range of Sony VAIO Notebook PCs at Rizqun International Hotel in Gadong on 7th October 2008, Tuesday.

The Launching ceremony was officiated by Juraimi bin Hj. Masrah, Director of Multitrons Sdn. Bhd., Mr. Vincent Yip, General Manager, Regional Market Development Division, and Mr. Melvin Pang, Head, VAIO Business Solution.

Three new series of VAIO Notebooks, featuring various technologies relevant to different customer segments, are being introduced.

  • SR Series (New) - Versatile & Smart VAIO
  • Z Series (New) - For the High Archiever. No Compromise
  • NR Series (New) - Absolutely Simple VAIO
  • CR Series - Colourful, Casual & Creative VAIO
  • TZ Series - Ultra-Slim & Lightweight
  • FZ Series - Advanced Home VAIO
  • FW Series - HD Entertainment for All


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