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General Company Information

Masros Electrical Group consists of the following companies:

1. Masros Electrical Company
   a) Sole distributor of Toshiba consumer products
   b) Sole distributor of Hometech consumer products.

2. Multitrons Sdn. Bhd.
   Distributor of Sony consumer products

3. Dynawell Electrical Company
   Distributor of JVC consumer products

4. Allson Electrical Company
   Sole Distributor of Hitachi consumer products.

5. Karasia Enterprise 
   a) Import and export company
   b) Distributor of Krups consumer products.
   c) Distributor of Moulinex consumer products.
   d) Distributor of Rowenta consumer products.
   e) Distributor of Tefal consumer products.

Number of staff: 35
Service centre: 2
Number of dealer: 50


Since 1987

Since 1992

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Since 2007
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